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Thin C Shape 3-Piece Maple Neck.
Ultimate Guide to Tonewoods.
Finition : Aged Black Satin (absn).You dont really see much of Ash in the affordable range right now.Jesu play live a couple times and being absolutely blown away by Justin Broadrick's guitar tone.The only other thing I would mention is that the Schecter Locking tuners used werent the best thing Ive ever used, but certainly not the worst.It really needs a warm clean sound or a smooth distortion to sound its best (and it does sound good when you stick to that territory).Of course, these dont serve much functional use other than to look really sweet and help you see what you are playing in the dark.Construction-wise, I'd describe the C-7 as being pretty similar to a what you'd get if you made a 7-string Les Paul with.5 scale neck and strat shaped body.

Adapting hasn't been too hard because I tend to stick to single note and two or three note chords which are easily re-located to the lower string.
All in all, the construction of the guitar is just excellent.
Coté son, la bande passante des Seymour est extra large et donne la possibilité de trancher massivement dans le signal afin d'obtenir une palette impressionnante de distorsions.We are also authorized Schecter dealers and can get you any current Schecter youd like at the best price possible.Action is good but not as low as my Parker (what is?).The extended range let you get down into detuned death metal territory but still keep the high end for solos.The smoother neck joint makes for even better upper fret access.L'éclair en repère de manche à la 12ème case est dailleurs là pour rappeler la nature électrique des micros.Tags: guitar gear review schecter 7-string.Diezel Einstein 100W avec un cab Mesa Boogie 112.