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Nobody cared how unsafe it was, it was all part of the show.
And those two controller dudes perched on lotto 18 lipca the itty bitty platform right next to the gigantic superlaser beam!
That crush you on the ceiling if you are too slow to jump to the next one.
In fact, t contains an essay (written by an engineer) specifically about the subject.
All Donkey Kong Country factories to be honest.Thrill rides require an operator to watch the ride and stop it in an emergency even mundane kid's rides!Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park in Sonic Colors is very unsafe.Lots of dangerous drops, psycho robots, giant smashers, spikes, fire, electricity and water (sometimes mixed in the same location).Apparently, there's some sort of engine chamber containing radioactive materials, and the only way to enter this chamber is through a revolving door.Star Trek is the king of unsafe work environments.

Indeed, nothing extraordinary happened during an estimated 20,000 firings, until the fateful explosion on September.
The Mosasaurus pool, like any aquatic animal show, has stadium seating.
Oddly Small Organization anyone?
A legitimate criticism is that when every conceivable procedure requires a risk assessment even things as trivial as replacing a dud light bulb where surely common sense should apply people will assume that all regulations are equally trivial and neglect the really important measures.The Computer is your friend.Luke was able to effectively "lock" the door behind him by shooting the door control/bridge extension on his side, some how deactivating the door controls on the other side, all without a manual way to extend the bridge or open the door.At first there weren't any problems, but by 1986, cars on the class had gotten way too powerful for rally courses which was already foreshadowed by the almost fatal crash by Ari Vatanen in Argentina.For further instructions, please attend an Aperture Science Electrical Safety Seminar.Avoided on some ships (e.g.The Plague: The little boat flipped over.The Red Shirt he's telling this to replies "Why would someone put their hands on it?" Yes, that's right, you're not supposed to use the hand rail.Given that an angry machine spirit usually reacts by malfunctioning, it's unknown if the precursors to the Ad Mechs actually implemented the ritualization knowing his people will devolve into religious fanatics, or if it's just a massive misunderstanding in the first place.